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$15,000.00--Negotiable & Agents Welcomed

Cell Queue® Pharmaceuticals

  • Registration Number: 5041900
  • Registered in: US
  • Int. Class: 005
  • Usage Status: In Use


Cell Queue (R) Pharmaceuticals may someday become a preeminent leader in developing through its unique patented cell technologies new forms of antibiotics to combat the growing list of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria crucial to fighting life-threatening infections.This company will become a future major biotech’s valued subsidiary. You can count on that.
The word “Queue” in this mark refers to the actual orderly sequential chemical process/reaction in the “AT Queue” biochemical model that accounts for chromosomal banding in the DNA of the respective bacterium.In this chemical queuing process,research biochemists can change the site where the antibiotic normally works or choose the site where the bacteria can mutate or transfer its genetic material.
10% sales commission given to qualified agents or brokers who bring me a buyer.In the interim before my eventual sale, I have become a wholesale distributor of Hydrogen Peroxide. H2O2 among other uses, is a proven remedy for Bacterial Vaginosis with an 89% cure rate.
Some new pharma brand logos with no previous revenue streams have sold for as much as $75 million based on their future “goodwill value.”(Source:spokesperson for DevicePharm,Irvine, California).
My marketing efforts may take some time; literally years, for major biotech firms to mull over and fully comprehend this much-valued future logo. Someday Cell Queue(R) Pharmaceuticals will be as ubiquitous to the microbial world as Elvis and O.J. are to Las Vegas. Rest assured, my efforts will eventually make it so.I forgot to mention this important fact–the domain www.cellqueuepharmaceuticals.com is included in the current purchase price. Will also consider licensing the mark with negotiable terms available.

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