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Bore Off

  • Registration Number: 4687008
  • Registered in: US,UK,EU
  • Int. Class: 9, 16, 20, 21, 25, 28, 35, 42
  • Usage Status: In Use
Bore Off


BORE OFF Is arguably the most used word to say when someone or something is boring them.

During our height of campaigning Bore Off Cancer the Bore Off word was getting tweeted on average 30’000 times per month.

The word Bore Off is still heavily used by mainstream media and high-profile celebrities throughout the world.

We had two uses for the mark.

First was the Logo cleverly designed to do what it says on the tin and was used in our most popular campaign Bore Off Cancer, grabbing the attention and support from the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Sir Paul McCartney, Kate Moss, Jessie J, Stella McCartney and many more. Just look on our Bore Off Facebook and @boreoff Instagram account for reference’s.

I have the Trademarks covered in the whole of US, Europe (including UK).

As well as the Bore Off Logo I also have just the Word Mark Bore Off Trademarked in the same classes if you did not want to be limited to just the Logo.

Bore Off has so much potential with serious campaigns for example our next campaign was going to be the following:

Bore Off Racism
Bore Off Bullies
And so on…….

Or can be used for less serious things and used for merchandise gimmicks with wording of your choice such as Bore Off Monday’s, Bore Off Work. We sold lots of these tees for things like this and also of the moment situations for example if a certain politician or subject was boring everyone, we would pop up the Bore Off tees with that person’s name on a tee and they would fly out like hot cakes!

I also have www.boreoff.com www.boreoff.co.uk and I have the Bore Off “number Plate” which will also be part of the sale.

If you are quick of the mark you can sell lots of current affair problematic merchandise so if a certain public figure was annoying everyone you could create and sell hot off the press so to speak. Bore Off Trump, Bore Off Clinton etc.

For added sustainability partnering up with the likes of schools for something like the Bore Off Bullies campaign could be huge and has huge sales potential as every school is anti-bullying something as simple as Bore Off Bullies wrist bands to make a stance against this problem is just one small way to get the word out and sales in.

Another would be partnering up with the NFL for Bore Off Racism again another issues that needs serious attention and to partner up with the likes of NFL selling Bore Off Racism merchandise would be epic!

With the right people involved the Bore Off brand has the potential to become the largest serious statement Clothing and merchandise brand in the world and has the potential to become a Billion Dollar Business.

I am happy to talk further for ides and clarification by email or video chat.

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